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Air Arabia Booking Is Ideal For Budget Conscious People

Air Arabia Booking

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Saudi Arabia is a vital cog in the Arabian Peninsula which controls the major portion of the oil reserves of the world. It holds the credit for being the second largest producer and the largest exporter of oil. It also acts as a home to two of the holiest places in the history of Islam, namely Mecca and Medina. It is surrounded by Red Sea, Persian Gulf Coast, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan. A major portion of the country is made of barren landforms and deserts but that hasn’t stopped the country from becoming one of the major business hubs of the world.

Air Arabia booking- then and now

If you are looking for a low cost carrier to travel from Saudi Arabia to different parts of the world, Air Arabia booking is a good option. It has its headquarters at the Sharjah International Airport in UAE under the Freight Division. It runs flights to more than 50 destinations located in Europe, North Africa, India, Middle East and Central Asia. It connects to 22 countries from its base in Sharjah, 9 countries from Tangier, Nador, Fex and Casablanca and 6 destinations from Alexandria.

You can easily book budget Air Arabia tickets by visiting the official website. The airline came into existence almost a decade ago in 2003 according to an Amiri decree from Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasmi who is the Ruler of Sharjah and part o Supreme Council of UAE. The first flight flew from Sharjah to Bahrain in October, 2003. To know more about Air Arabia Booking on sa.cleartrip.

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Air India Lies In The Heart Of Every Flyer

air india

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In every country, there are some reputable brands which hold a good reputation in the global market. Whether it is the goods or even transport system, one name attracts the attention of the consumers. People opt for a name which promises them with the best services so that they do not end up with any problems. Find more details of Air India at

If one looks at the airline companies, every country has some special airlines that make their name. In India, when you ask the people about the most trusted airlines, you will hear Air India from majority of the people. What is the reason? Well, it is the bond which the airline shares with its customers and provides them a homely experience during their flights.

The aim of the airline is that passenger’s comfort not just in flights but also in the lounges when at the airport. The Air India staffs make sure that customers are provided with wide range of quality facilities which are needed. Different food items and beverages are always available at the buffet counters, along with magazines and newspapers so that passengers don’t get bored while waiting for the flights.

Network of Air India around the world

The countries where Air India services can take you are Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, SAARC countries, Middle East and Gulf countries, South East Asia, and of course India. What is so special about the airline is that wherever you go, you can feel the touch of India in its meals, in hospitality, and in every service you avail.

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