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Pay Less And Fly More With Air Arabia- Efficient Low Cost Airline

Air Arabia

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Maximum travel destinations, profound customer services, great fleet size, and value for money flight tickets; these are some of the qualities that makes the best low cost airline, but what distinguishes this airline from others. There are many factors that make this Sharjah International Airport based airline a complete standout. What are they? Read on to find out.

What Makes Air Arabia Different?

Known to all, there are endless low cost airlines present in Middle East. However, Air Arabia is a lot different from them. This is because it is the only airline that became the winner of the “Best Airline” by MENA Travel Awards from 2005 to 2008.

Not only that, it was even awarded with the prestigious “Low Cost Carrier of the Year” award by Aviation Business Awards in 2009. Along with that it even earned a proud recognition by CAPA of being World’s Most Profitable Airline in 2008.

With every year passing by the services, quality, efficiency and efficacy of the airline improved, but all of this occurred by taking their slogan into account, where you “Pay Less, Fly More”. In 2014, Air Arabia enhanced its features of the frequent flyer program or Airewards, providing better loyalty points that would help passengers to save more.

Everything about this airline is truly different and this character is something that makes it impeccable. Hence, your search for the best low cost airline to travel from Saudi to over 115 destinations of the world ends with the affordable Air Arabia tickets.

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Cebu Pacific - Low Cost Carrier From Philippines

Cebu Pacific

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The largest air carrier in the Philippines, the airlines commenced their operations in the year 1996. It is a low cost airline and today provides tickets at affordable rates to passengers travelling to and from Philippines. It has been a recipient of many awards and distinctions. The airlines are based at the Ninoy Aquino International airport in Manila.

An extensive network of flights by Cebu pacific

The airlines have flights to countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Passengers from Saudi Arabia travelling to Philippines prefer Cebu pacific for the low cost tickets and amazing services. The airlines are also highly preferred by Philippines people during the month of Ramzan and Hajj pilgrimage to travel to Jeddah and Medina.

Airlines have a good entertainment service with a wide range of movies, music and games to choose from. The food and meal served in the flight is also very good and delicious. Passengers can book special meals too. The services like medical attention and other helps are provided by Cebu pacific Airlines to its passengers. They have started many new facilities recently which includes online ticket booking, online check in and so on.

The baggage allowance policy of the airlines is different for all the sectors. Saudi passengers are allowed to carry 40 – 50 kg in Economy class and 60 – 75 kg in the Business or First Class of the airlines. Extra baggage can also be carried by the passengers after paying additional charges at the airport. They also provide a duty free shopping experience to the passengers.

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